Welcome To The AndrewHansen.name Review Community!

Welcome To The AndrewHansen.name Review Community!

Here you can read the most real and honest reviews of Internet Marketing products that exist online.

We don’t pimp affiliate links unless a product is truly deserving and when something sucks, you’ll really know about it.

The reviews you see here are not from me, but from the hundreds of reviewers in our community, reviewers of all experience levels.

If you want to find a product you’re looking to buy, start by scanning these pages or using the Advanced Search feature at the very top of this blog.

If you’re looking to contribute (and yes there are benefits to doing so) please keep reading…

Basically here’s how you can become involved:

We have three ways to participate.

The first is to request a review.

You can request a product that you want reviewed before you purchase. This can help you make a buying decision or avoid one! All you have to do to request a review is send an email to this address:

pleasereview AT andrewhansen.name

Make the email subject: Please Review XYZ Product

Each week (possibly earlier) I’ll sort through and find the products that people most want reviewed. Perhaps the top 2 or 3.

Then I’ll send an email to our reviewers.

The second way you can participate is to become a reviewer.

Reviewers are people who review IM products and post their quality reviews for our community.

They are the valued souls who take their own time to save us all money and that we try to reward in whatever way we can.

For full information on how to be a reviewer and earn monetarily while helping thousands of people like yourself to save on crappy products, please click here.

The third way you can participate is using the reviews we provide (that as you’ll see, begin from underneath this post) to do as I said…

Buy only the products that you need and fit your focus or current business plans and ignore the ones that don’t.

Buy faster on the products you can see are clearly going to be a wise investment for you.

And generally save yourself a whole heap of heartache, many refund requests, and a lot of time that you could have spent growing your income.

Feel free to comment on any of the reviews but remember, While we are trying to make an HONEST review community, we’re not here to BASH. If a product is bad, we will say it’s bad, but we’re not here to taint anyones name, and we will still conduct this community with an attitude of respect both to product creators and customers.

Also, if the product has a real and clear “secret” or something that is vital to the marketing strategy of that report, we will act sensibly and sensitively about how or if we reveal it in our reviews. Reviews submitted that blatantly violate that rule will not be accepted either.

Finally, we are here for each other. The biggest benefit you can get out of writing a review is to be of real service to the thousands of readers of this blog. I’m always open to suggestions about how to improve these ideas, and I’m excited about building something really valuable here.

Andrew Hansen


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    I have a product that really kicks it. It shows you how to make money flipping blogs. How do I get it reviewed? I would love to have people see how good it is from a third party review. PLS let me know.

    Thomas C. Gajdjis

  2. says

    Just trying to clarify something here. So you’re saying that every other site providing reviews is lying?

    I NEVER promote products that are not appropriate for my target demographic, provide specific refund instructions BEFORE they buy, often send them to FREE training if I think it makes more sense for them and have literally spent thousands of hours of MY OWN time helping people file complaints with the FTC, IC3, and AGs not to mention providing research to those agencies.

    I’m a little confused about what you’re trying to get at here.

    I’ve been a fan of your writing for sometime now, but this angle is just nonsense.

  3. says

    Wow. I must have been in “a mood” when I posted that. That was a bit harsh.

    It’s just dangerous to get people into “one-thing” thinking as it’s the same kind of thing cult-leaders try to induce in their followers.

    My own personal belief is it’s better to NOT try to control everything, but to help people to get to as many “safe” zones as possible.

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