Sara and My 100k Factory Bonuses For 2017


More than $1,627 In Bonuses From Sara and Andrew

Yours When You Join 100k Factory Through This Link

Not like… “Here’s a number I plucked out of nowhere” kind of value, but actual value based on realistic prices for what we put together.


Since 100k Factory is the only program I expect to be promoting this whole year, I thought it was time to really stand behind my recommendation.

Sara and I have spent the last month (actually a little before that) creating this enormous stack of bonuses for you, all exclusive, new and highly profitable add ons that will help you grow your 100k business (as well as side projects you might have, like CPC style sites) much more quickly.

Here goes…

NEW BONUS: $100 Facebook Advertising Paid FOR YOU

In case you missed it in my email, on top of everything below, Sara and I will also be paying your first $100 of Facebook advertising costs, just to make sure you definitely get up and running with 100k Factory as quickly as possible!

You’ll only need to send us your Ads receipt and we’ll reimburse you via Paypal. If that’s not valuable I don’t know what is! 🙂

  1. Secret Product Vault 2.0 ($299 Value)

Secret-Product-Vault-2-boxGrowing revenue with the 100k factory method depends (primarily I think) on the ability to find the right products to promote. Ones that have just the right combination of price point, “impulse buy” appeal, and popularity.

Fortunately, from our obesssion with Amazon (and finding opportunities there for affiliates) Sara and I have a secret weapon up our sleeve. Secret Profit Vault.

It’s a tool that allows you to sort through millions of products on Amazon to pinpoint those with a specific criteria. No manual searching.

You hit the perfect criteria in a particular niche, and SPV shows you your best opportunities.

You take them from there to Aidan and Steve’s sources for dropshipping, and that’s it. You’ve got high probability products ready to sell, faster than other people using the method.

We actually pay for this to be regularly updated, so it’s not a marketer’s trick to say the value is $299.

2. 100 Hot Selling Physical Products For 2017 (Value: $99)

100-hot-selling_binderWe know that even if you have software, you’ll be busy going through the training. What if you want to benefit from this without even using the software.

We got your back.

We used the software ourselves to pluck 100 incredible physical product opportunities from current data, and compiled them into a spreadsheet for you.

Time poor? Just pick something from this list and get started with the 100k methods.


Claim Your Bonuses When You Join 100k Factory Through This Link

3. E-commerce Business Rolodex (Value: $299)

E-commerce-Business-Rolodex-copyAs you’re growing your 100k factory business, as things get bigger ($50/day and upward), you’ll need help from professionals. For example, you heard Nikos say that he has 12 VAs for his $350k/mo business.

Sara and I have been doing business online so long that we know these people already, and we compiled the most useful of them into this rolodex so when the time comes, you don’t have to do the hunting round for them yourself!

In it you’ll find:

a) A copywriter to help with your Facebook ads and product descriptions (ie cheaper traffic and better conversions)

b) An E-commerce technical expert (to help you make site tweaks and improvements)

c) A designer to help you make better images for Facebook and do your graphics (for products or otherwise)

d) VAs who can help with any of the grunt work you face growing your new e-commerce empire.

These are the kind of contacts and relationships that take time and finances to build up, but you’ll have instant access to them in a single convenient file.

4. 20 Expert FB Ad Templates (Value: $199)

20-Expert-FB-Ad-TemplatesYou probably know that one thing you’ll be doing a lot of in 100k is creating Facebook ads.

But wouldn’t it be easier if you just had a professional copywriter do it for you?

We had a copywriter prepare for you 20 high CTR FB Ad templates that you can plug your product details into. They’re based on proven copywriting techniques, and certain to outperform something made up by a new student just off the cuff.

It cuts down work for you AND increases your results. Hard to beat that 🙂

5. 20 Expert Product Description Templates (Value: $199)

20-Expert-Product-Description-TemplatesSame goes for your product descriptions on the websites you create. You know that these will influence your conversion rates, but if you’re not a pro copywriter, your results won’t be as good as they could be.

No need to worry. The same copywriter prepared a set of niche based product description templates that you can slot your products into as well.

These can be the difference between 1 sale in a hundred, and 2 sales in a hundred… which of course is a doubling of revenue.

We paid to have them created just for you, and now you can copy/paste yourself to success with them.

6. Done For You DA 30+ Backlink (Value: $149)

DA-30+_SoftwareWe’re buying a contextual, relevant, targeted, high quality backlink for you. That’s all there is to it.

You can use it for your 100k Factory site, to kickstart it’s presence in Google. Or you can use it for an existing site (Maybe from CPC or RI?), any one you like.

You send us the URL and we do the rest.

It’s another advantage you’ll have over others in the program.


Claim Your Bonuses When You Join 100k Factory Through This Link

7. How To Do High ROI SEO in 2017 (Value: $37)

IHow-To-Do-High-ROI-SEO-In-2017-L did a presentation last year at Aidan and Steve’s conference in London. It’s about how to make SEO work for 100k Factory style businesses.

It’s about an hour long. The feedback on it was really strong. Up until now only people from the past 100k factory program have seen it.

It’s not for sale but it’s yours free when you join 100k Factory through Sara and I.


8. Case Study: How To Get Traffic From Quora in 2017 (Value: $47)

Traffic-From-Quora-eBookThis is something I’ve been playing with in the last month.

I wrote 100 replies to questions on Quora and ended up with a modest, but consistent stream of FREE traffic and leads from it.

This report contains everything that happened and everything I learned.

I came to believe that many niches (mine was only so-so) have the potential to get enormous amounts of visitors from Quora for free, even for a one off (like one month) chunk of work (by you or a VA).

And this report contains how I think that can be done. (It’s not even hard).

9. How To Boost Conversions Using Google Analytics (Value: $299)

How-To-Boost-Conversions-With-GASara has compiled an advanced guide, based on high level nerdery, of how you can make Google Analytics work for you, to improve the conversions of your pages on ANY wordpress or HTML site.

It’s how to get numerous insights into how your traffic is responding to your content, where they are and how they’re behaving, without the need for heatmaps or split testing.

Its simple to set up but it’s so very powerful. It will allow you to make tweaks to your content that theory and guessing

This has never been shared before and is up to the minute detail.

Bonuses Will Be Delivered When 100k Factory Closes

We’ll email you to your payment email address asap after that date.

I hope you get to take advantage of this and we’ll be in touch soon!


  1. Jason says

    I’ve been holding out on making the purchase until the webinar with you. I’ve been a follower since Forever Affiliate and you’ve never let me down. Thanks Andrew.

  2. Allen Collis says

    I think I ordered through your webinar but haven’t received anything in my email yet. That date was either 2/28/17 or 3/1/17. Thank you.

    Allen Collis

  3. German says

    I look forward to recieve my bonuses: I´ve already enrolled in 100K program through your link! Wish me luck.

  4. Ian Gordon says

    Obviously Andrew, i just bought from your link before the time expires. I finally got the money i needed to start – just took a loan because i have faith in this program. I have been following you for some years now but SEO i just don’t seem to get right lol.
    Just so that you know i am the one from the Commonwealth of Dominica in the webinar on Friday.
    I am super excited about getting this thing rolling and becoming one of your success stories.


    • says

      That’s really cool Ian – glad to hear it! Like any new business it’ll be hard, and take plenty of time and focus. But the potential is there and with 100k you have as good a system, and support network as you can possibly have. Good luck with it mate 🙂

  5. Steve Mckinnon says

    Hey Andrew,

    I have sent you an email too – I was live on the webinar yesterday and before I buy through your link (and not theirs) just want to make sure I can also get access to the bonuses offered by Aidan on the webinar itself (popup creator, extra packs etc).

    Thanks mate

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