Ep7: Mark Mason On How To Grow A Business Online With No Free Time & Why NOT To Quit Your Day Job

Growing a business online with only minutes a day to spend, knowing WHY you want to build this kind of business, whether it’s right for you, & what’s important to get from your working life are all topics covered in this week’s episode with Mark Mason from latenightIM.com.

Mark and I have known each other for a long time & so were able to get quite personal in this discussion, touching on family, making money, travel & the surprisingly complicated idea of “freedom”.

My Favorite Parts Of This Chat Were

  • Talking about the other parts of “work” that are important to realize, that have nothing to do with money or freedom. Without them, work, whether online or offline can feel dull.
  • The difference between freedom and flexibility form your work & differing ideas on “productivity” that you can choose from.
  • Why Mark has no interest in the kind of internet business that lets him drink cocktails on a beach somewhere.
  • Talking about the old fashioned value of just working extremely hard in order to reach your success.
  • The mental approach to take to getting things done when you only have minutes each day to spend, when you’re tired and don’t really want to.

Resources Mentioned

Beverages Consumed On This Episode

Absolutely none, only because of the time of day of this recording.


  1. says

    Hi Andrew, I’m happy to hear that you are podcasting now! a few years ago I was part of your forever affiliate program, I’m looking forward to your future guests and also to hear more about your own personal journey.

  2. Daniel Morris says

    Hi Andrew

    Would love to listen to the podcast but it is not available on Android podcast apps. I think yours is the only podcast I’ve not been able to find! I use Podbean and/or Pocketcasts. Hope you can get on them soon.


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