Ep9: Content That Gets Attention, Builds Trust & Converts. Lessons From Magic With Filip Matous


This week’s episode is with Filip Matous, author of the new book “How To Get Your Website Noticed”, (which by the way, at a cost of like $7, you’d be crazy not to pick up and flick through. You’ll understand why I say that at the end of this chat.)

With a background in PR, brand building, and web analytics, Filip sees what we do as content driven affiliate marketers from a unique perspective.

He would never put a stock photo on a website. He doesn’t understand “one touch” content where you’re not trying to establish a name for your site, and become an authority in your market. He thinks it’s a waste of time to try and write for an audience that you don’t deeply understand.

Thinking like him will put you miles ahead of your competition in any niche.

My Favorite Parts Of This Chat Were

  • The two key questions you must answer to earn someone’s interest, after landing on your web page.
  • You think the goal of your content (product reviews, anything) is to be informative, but in fact it’s also to be e_________.
  • How to create trust with your readers (& the 5 most important “trust signals” your pages can have)
  • What Donnie Brasco can teach you about high converting content.
  • Why people don’t click through on your affiliate links (and how to overcome two types of objections readers will have as they digest your content).
  • How Filip does empathy mapping, why you’ll never have done this with your content & why you totally should invest time in it.
  • How to provide “the illusion of choice”, (including how to tweak your comparison tables for higher click throughs)
  • Example of a highly successful content site that Filip loves for it’s ability to set a tone & give it’s audience what it knows they want. (all content marketers can learn from this site).
  • The importance of a “polarizing effect” with your content, & the group of people you need to understand who AREN’T your target audience (huge mind opener for me personally).
  • When Filip made me do some kind of Tarot Card reading live on the call, & how you can sell more from your site by doing the same with your readers.

Resources Mentioned

For copywriting: Joanna Wiebe from Copy Hackers.




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    Not that I’m an expert. There are probably other plug-ins that do the same thing and some may be better. It’s just what I use and it’s easy. Powerpress also makes it easy to host your podcast on another website, dedicated to that–such as soundcloud. I’ve never done that but I guess it’s something successful pod-casters have to do, to deal with heavy traffic. Soundcloud handles all of your traffic, like YouTube would with your videos but people get access to your content from this page. There are probably many websites like soundcloud. It’s just the only one I know.

    I’m taking the time to write this because I would very much like to listen to these in my car, have a 30 second backup button, and have an automatic reminder in the form of a queue, telling me when your podcast has a new episode available. As of yet, I have not listened to any of these. The sooner you do it, the more of your show will be caught by the podcatchers. I think they can all catch 9 episodes but you are reaching your limit for backdating the time they reach back to. I think I waited to 14 on itunes and it missed some.

    It’s also in your interest to have the podcast widely available on different platforms. All of the podcatchers suggest podcasts to people. Your show will be rated by listeners too.

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