Ep8: How in person interactions can skyrocket your online business, with Brent Sutherland

6 years ago Brent Sutherland was an accountant who had developed the painful sense that he’d chosen a career he wasn’t suited for. Today he lives and works remotely, as the co-owner of an entrepreneur’s networking group for men, called the Brotherhood.

His transition to a life more heavily focused on the quality of his relationships, & how that affected not only his happiness, but the success of his business was the theme of our chat on this week’s episode.


My Favorite Parts Of This Chat Were

– What Brent first did as he was transitioning out of his job towards his own business (& why I think more people should consider this step)

– How your entrepreneurial pursuits can be enhanced by drawing on experience you have in other realms (Brent’s story about how we went through high school is crazy)

– The importance of making business decisions (like whether to start a business, or how to) driven by self knowledge.

– The importance of getting off your computer and meeting similar stage entrepreneurs in person.

– The push vs pull approach to launching a new business or website (& why push might be better for you)

– Why you should invite negative feedback on your websites and the one thing that’s worse than people
thinking they suck.

– “I measure my productivity by the things that are adding the most value to my business.”

– The importance of deepening your relationship with your customers (or website visitors).

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