Ep:11 Steve Clayton on Facebook ad strategies that work & low startup cost e-commerce businesses


This week’s episode is with Steven Clayton, e-commerce professional and owner of 100k Factory. (The business model we’ll be talking about on Tuesday’s webinar).

Steve left a high position at a fortune 500 company many years ago to start a business online. Since then he’s built a highly successful e-commerce business, and developed the most popular course there is for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs.

My favorite parts of this chat were…

  • What Steve’s conservative Dad said to him about whether he should quit his job to start a business… (7:15)
  • How you advertise to sell products you don’t hold inventory of (14:00)
  • What an example ad targeting looks like for one of Steve’s FB ads (16:40)
  • How you get Facebook to improve your ad clicks and conversions without doing anything (20:10)
  • The audiences (targeting settings) that “make everyone the most money” (21:00)
  • How Aidan & Steve’s dropshipping business works (how they sell physical products that can be purchased one at a time (rather than with a minimum order quantity) (22:50)
  • The key to the expansion of Aidan & Steve’s 20 most successful e-commerce students (25:00)
  • And what those top 20 successful students spend their time on in their businesses (28:45)
  • How many different products you might need to sell to reach a level of $1000/day with e-commerce. (31:00)
  • Other kinds of people who have made e-commerce business work (the story of the married couple was a great one!) (34:10)
  • Steve’s view on whether “time to spend” is a critical factor to success (36:10)
  • And what factor he does think most fundamental to a person’s entrepreneurial success (never heard this particular factor emphasized before)
  • Why Steve’s rethinking his view that successful entrepreneurs are generally optimists (40:00)

I hope you love this one and if you want to discuss anything in the episode further, come join us at the Facebook Group!


  1. Tim says

    Great podcast Andrew. I’m already a student of both yours through CPC and Aidan/Steve through 100K Ultra. I’d be interested to know what your thoughts are on combining the two approaches ?

  2. M. Broughton says

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    I’ve been trying to access your previous articles, however can’t seem to find any navigation?



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