Ep10: Aidan Booth on 7 Figure E-commerce Companies, Consistent Traffic Methods & Proper Business Forecasting

Episode 10 with Aidan Booth

This week’s episode is with Aidan Booth, e-commerce expert, and creator of the highly popular coaching program 100k Factory.

Over 12 years of doing business online, Aidan has done everything from mini sites and SEO, to Facebook advertising and e-commerce. He’s also one of digital marketing’s most prolific coaches, having pushed thousands of students to successful new businesses of their own.

My Favorite Parts Of This Chat Were

  • Discussing an old SEO business model Aidan used to have a lot of success with (very relevant for people doing SEO today) (19:00)
  • The most consistently effective traffic generation strategy Aidan’s seen during his time online (26:00)
  • How to go about learning the right traffic generation techniques for your business (it’s a different answer for everyone) (28:00)
  • How Aidan makes money selling low end products with paid traffic (the opposite of our CPC model, high end products and organic traffic!) (37:00)
  • When Aidan talked about his student turning over $350,000 per month, in under a year with this e-commerce model. (40:30)
  • The difference between setting goals in your business and making a forecast. (55:25)


  1. says

    Interesting stuff. Thanks.

    The hybrid drop ship model gave me something to think about for one of my non-CPC sites. Don’t know if it will turn out to be a good idea, but at least it’s an idea.

  2. William Cintron says

    Great interview => This the first time I’ve ever heard anyone speak positive result about E-Commerce. What I hear is the difficulties people are having with charges at eBay & low commissions at Amazon.
    In my thinking e-Bay & Amazon are e-commerce. This interview has given me a new perspective about e-commerce especially the statistics quoted the increase online purchaeses.

  3. Allan says

    Enjoyed your interview with Aidan.Hopefully heading to New Zealand next year to live
    just need to get myself into gear so I am earning before we leave.Think more the affiliate
    model I’ll follow.

  4. Paul says

    What a great podcast with Aidan! Nice to get such amazing information for free and from a respected authority in the IM business.
    Looks like a great business model…. there is a major concern I have and which was not covered. With the dropshipping model, presume customers will have to wait some time to receive their goods?
    How long if most products are shipped from China?
    If you buy online most people now expect to get their purchase within 3 days max. How does this workout under the 100K model?

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