IM Has A Cancer & I Need Your Help

Again, it’s not really with joy that I write this post. I feel like this is all I’ve been talking about lately, but at the same time, I can’t bear to NOT write this. I can’t bear to NOT let you know.

I went out to the World Internet Summit in London yesterday, an IM event that is pretty much bottom of the barrel in terms of pitchy-ness. There’s no content, it’s a high pressure sales environment that preys on people who simply don’t know better yet.

But I wanted to catch up with a friend and hopefully meet some more half decent marketers in London.

There’s 2 groups of people there: The newbies waiting to be sold their hopes and dreams on a platter for $2000 (2000 Pounds actually at this one… more like $3300 or thereabouts) a pop, and then the speakers & their friends, there to meet JVs and talk about how much money they make from ripping off those newbies.

I go to events alot, just to meet interesting people and sometimes learn. But the ones I’d been to more recently were a lot more content based and had a lot more experienced crowds. I quickly got jolted back to what these things were like in IM, and in many ways, what it’s like for someone new to online marketing to be trying to start up from scratch.

I spend most of my time at the bar, which is where the latter of the two groups of people in attendance hang out. I don’t want to listen to the pitches so that’s the only other option.

The conversations you here there are just grotesque.

(All of the following are based on ones I overheard yesterday)

“He gets up, speaks for an hour, sells the crowd a set of 7 PLR sites for $2000… walks away with $100k”

“Hahaha, you wouldn’t believe it, in Malaysia he had a guy during his pitch TRIP OVER running to the back of the room to sign up for his course, hahaha – brilliant!”

“Well we know why he launched it – they knew it wouldn’t work anymore in 3 months time. This way he can add another 100k a month to his business and be done with it”.

And much more…

I put them in the same group: The “speak from stage is all I do” marketers and the “product launches are all I do marketers”. There’s often a revolving door between the two groups. They are both equally as douchey.

Here’s the worst, scariest thing I heard.

Two guys were talking about a clickbank launch that had just happened. They were talking about how much the product sucked. The launcher was someone you’ve definitely heard of.

One guy asked the other guy to tell me how many sales the launch did.

The answer? 40 000 copies………………………………………………

Think about that number for a second.

To put it in perspective: I’ve been online for quite a while, doing both affiliate marketing and teaching. When I release a new product I’m happy if I sell 500 copies. They do 40 000! 80 times more than me.

If you’re reading this post you’re probably one of the people who are less likely to buy the overhyped clickbank launch type products…

If you’re like me, you probably think that those products are only for those unfortunate newbie souls who are just coming online and getting the inevitable fleecing before they realize how the game works…

BUT NO… no no… it’s not just a small group of newbies who buy this crap. It’s not just a minority of those getting started. It’s MOST people. It’s the MAJORITY. If you’re not in that group and you’re reading this post and you know better… you are in a TINY tiny sub sect. You’re one of the lucky ones!

The guys who do these launches and are the most unethical… make the most money. No one I mentioned on my list of “the wisest and most trustworthy marketers” do anything like the figures these guys do. That pisses me off but I guess that’s life.

Everything I’m about to write here I already knew, but the day that was yesterday just crystalized it in my mind and even took my understanding to a new level of depth regarding how dodgy and disgusting this IM world can really be.

The majority of product launches, ESPECIALLY Clickbank launches, where-ever you see extreme Clickbank screenshots, whenever you get more than 5 emails about the same product (with a rare few exceptions) the following is almost always the case:

1. The “System” they’re selling does not work.

Period. What they do is sit around mastermind meetings thinking of one question: “What would sell?” They think of ideas for things that those poor unfortunate souls would buy and they create products based on them. If there was a list of things needed for a good launch, laid out in priority order, the factor of whether a system works… whether anyone’s actually going to make money from it… would be at the bottom. Great sales copy at the top, bunch of JVs next, perfect upsell third… good product? Who gives a ####. As long as it’s good enough that we don’t get too many refunds, it’s fine.

This is the RULE, not the exception.

2. The “System” they’re selling, is not something they even use.

Doesn’t matter what the income screenshots say, they DON’T use it. They couldn’t use it even if it did work and even if they wanted to use it. Their entire lives are consumed by doing product launches and promoting other people’s junk so they’ll get more JVs when their launch comes around. They say they use it, and they show the income screenshots from their last launch. They DON’T use it.

3. The $67 product never contains the “secret”.

This is what these guys get taught (I’ve heard it being presented myself)

“You have a front end product, $67 or $77, but you don’t give away all the details in here! You don’t teach them all the secrets for $67 – don’t undervalue your products like that! Your front end product is supposed to be a teaser. Your $67 product is supposed to give them just enough so they understand the idea, but can’t apply it without further help”.

I’m not even kidding, I’ve heard those words being spoken from stage. So if you’re looking at one of those clickbank courses where the sales letter says you’re going to learn EVERYTHING… ALL THE SECRETS… for just $67… it’s NEVER true. There’s always an upsell you need in order to implement anything.

4. They work on the principle that most people who buy these products won’t use them.

Will the customer actually be able to make money? Who cares?

I told one guy yesterday that I have a customer support manager for our products (this was the 40 000 copies launch guy) and he was shocked. I told him we have a live support system and he couldn’t believe it.

These guys don’t care whether people implement their methods or not. Once the sale is made it’s “what can I launch next?”.

Ok guys, here’s the deal.

I’ve been writing about this stuff for quite some time and I can’t handle having this be ALL I do about it.

I need your help today.

We have to make some contribution to cutting down the number of people in that early part of their journey who don’t know that this is how things work yet.

This is what you can do.

1. Stop buying this stuff: Please, make a commitment right now that you will stop buying, or at least be EXTREMELY skeptical before you buy any clickbank IM product that shows clickbank screenshots and has a massive launch fanfare. You know they are all the same and there’s no point wasting your money. The above is how those products come about and you don’t need to be involved in that.

2. Tell someone you know: Do you know someone in IM who’s newer than you, just getting started maybe? Send them an email right now and tell them to be careful. Tell them to stop buying these products too.

3. Tell everyone you can: Do you have a blog? A Twitter or Facebook where you are in contact with other marketers particularly newer ones? Make one tweet or update about this. Tell people that they need to know about it.

4. I’ve never asked for something like this before, and I probably never will again, but if you have a blog or a Twitter or Facebook and you can’t do any of the above, send people the link to this blog post to read for themselves. Every person who hears this news and takes it on board is someone who saves themselves $67 or $197 dollars next time. Every person who hears this is another $67 that those bottom feeder launch guru scumbags don’t get.

We can help people here. We won’t change how this industry works, but we can do something.

Until next time, thanks for reading and…

Thanks for being my subscriber even though I’ve never shown you a clickbank screenshot. πŸ™‚


  1. says

    Thank you for this important message. Its a shame that these guru’s don’t care about how badly they are messing with people’s lives. It’s not just the money spent on their product, but its the time invested by people who have purchased them who are pinning their hopes and financial futures on this information. I’ve seen the same thing happen in MLM and in real estate investing so I guess you could find this in most industries once you know enough to understand what is truly going on.

  2. Earl says

    Fantastic post…but as a first time reader, I was immediately skeptical given that your report (albeit free) is titled “Learn The One Magic Tweak”…really? I know that probably sounds more alluring than “Learn one of the top tweaks” but I guess we all have to make a buck …. more subscribers = more money = more time to post great content

    • says

      That’s great Earl. I’d be skeptical too. If you’re a first time reader, I wouldn’t make any judgment until you’ve read my material, bought my products, gotten to know me. I hope you’ll get a chance to do that πŸ™‚

  3. says

    After spending a fortune with these leeches, I’ve learned that if I want an honest opinion of a newly launched product, the Warrior forum is the place to ask.

    The members here have a, no holds barred mentality and if they don’t like something or, feel that the public are being ripped off, have no hesitation in saying so. You want the truth, ask the Warriors.

  4. says

    Hi Andrew,

    I hope you don’t mind me linking to your post. I’m just starting with a blog platform and I hope I can point newbies to the right direction. First step, save their asses from these IM SHARKS.


  5. the truth says

    First off all excuse me for my bad English!
    I fully agree with you Andrew! I am in IM since one year and for this time I have read a lot of crappy CB products and WSO’s but I never spend money for them because I know from where to download them for free! I have read books for everithing you can think of – IM , SEO, FB marketing, youtube marketing… etc and 99% of them are shit! If you find product that promise that will make you 20 000 in one week or that say “Even newbie can do it , you don’t need even website” or thing like this don’t buy – this is 100% scam! The best books that I have ever read are about seo and keyword research and they don’t talk how much money you can make, they don’t say that is easy! There is no easy money if you want to succeed then learn seo and keyword research and stop looking for easy money making system that “will make you millionaire overnight” There is no such thing!

  6. says

    There is only one thing worse than evil men.. the indifference of GOOD men.

    Excellent post Andrew, I’m glad to see that alot more of the good guys are beginning to take a stand.

    I’m looking forward to you being one of the IMtrustworthy charter members.

    Omar Martin

  7. says

    We need more honest and trustworthy people online helping each other, not someone that only have their own interest in mind.

    I am a firm believer of; “The more you help others get what they want the more you will get want you want.”

    Online Business Marketer/Coach

  8. says

    First time when i read this article title i was surprised, after i read it i feel more surprised.
    wow! outstanding story. $2000 went to $100k site selling. Amazing.

  9. says

    Hi Andrew,

    When it comes to internet marketing, you are certainly one of the guys that I would trust apart from all those so-called gurus who just keep selling products that are rinsed and repeated with a new way of presenting it. I would definitely not get those products as it is a waste of tme.


  10. Eduardo Cristaldo says

    This is probably one of the best blog post I ve eve read just that, thank you for be sincere with us Andrew, you have the oportunity to be like these guys, but you are honest, and I hope god to bless you for that, even more! Thank you!!

  11. David Leong says

    Thanks for writing this post Andrew. I’m from Malaysia, to be honest there are too many so called “guru” in my country who makes a living conducting workshop instead of making make real money from the internet. What worst is that this sh*t not only happened in the IM niche, it happens in other niche too.

    Really tired of seeing all the ads running on the media that sell the poverty dreams.

  12. says


    A bit belated comment. Even though this pre-dates your Unstoppable Affiliates Coaching it confirms your continued consistency and integrity.

    Just prior to starting your course I was ‘sucked’ in to the tune of $900 through a webinar that promised something different and novel. Only to find that the software did not work and the support did not really materialize.
    Fortunately the marketing site the vendor used (WWW.SWREG.ORG) had some integrity and refunded the my payment along with about 50 other people who all got stung.

    Thank you for your honesty and support

  13. says

    This is right on the mark.
    It’s something that has worried in for a long time! It’s also something that I think we all seem to go through in our early IM careers!

    I know I did πŸ™‚

    I lost quite a lot of money before it all started dawning on me what was going on!
    I got VERY strict about refunding stuff.

    I will definately put this on our blog,Facebook and Twitter etc.

    Qudos to you for putting all so well πŸ™‚

  14. Christina says

    Great post Andrew! It’s nice to finally read some honesty from an experienced Internet Marketer. Thank you πŸ™‚

    I am completely new to IM, less than two weeks, and I’ve entered my email on many sites to receive information. I will admit when I was sent a link to one of these guru sites for the first time, I got excited. After watching a few minutes though, my excitement quickly dissipated. I knew it was B.S. I cringe when I read about these evil marketing guru’s targeting newbies as if we’re all just a bunch of idiots. Before there was Internet in home’s this kind of evil marketing was happening in Newspapers and Magazines. Whether it was “Envelope Stuffing” or “Assembling Products.”

    As a young teen I actually fell for one. But, that one time taught me that the old saying “If it’s too good too be true, it probably is” is in fact true. I have not purchased one thing I’ve been sent in my email these past two weeks, yet I have found marketing information that people are charging for, for free.

    Suffice it to say, I’ve learned that you have to research, find a product that you believe really will help others, have an Interest in your product, research some more, and take action.

    I’ve got a long way to go, but because of people like you, my journey will be a lot less difficult. Again thank you Andrew.


  15. tbRosie says

    You made me proude to be an Aussie. I love that you had the guts to speak about this.
    Tell ya mum I said she did a good job raisning you


  16. says

    I am a very new marketer who was ripped off good and propper when I attended an internet marketing summit. A young marketer (dont know if I can name names) did not have any intentions of honouring his guarantee and I was lift with a product that was useless to me. I should have known that there was something wrong when there was only one copy of the contract and I never got one. That could be something else to look out for. I feel strongly enough to put this page link on my blog. This is the first time in 3 years that I have been able to express any anxt.

  17. Sohail Zafar says

    It’s sad but when I started in IM I bought so many of these products and wasted so much money that it is disgusting. The only thing I think that stopped me was the lack of money at the time. So yes, this is a VERY important issue and thank you for hammering it into our brain.


  1. […] Andrew Hansen has a very well articulated and detailed post about this topic. He provides some actual quotes from people who create these newbie traps and gives some interesting insight into what goes on "behind the scenes". Highly recommend you check it out: Internet Marketing Scams. […]

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