My name is Andrew Hansen and I’m an online entrepreneur originally from Queensland, Australia – now living in Montreal, Toronto, Puerto Vallarta, London, England :)

I’ve been making money on the internet for the past 6 years now, after deciding that a traditional education wasn’t the path I wanted to take in life.

If you’re a reader of my blog you’ll know that although I’ve had, and continue to have many failures, today I proudly run an online business that I consider a profound success.

How I Got Started

I got started online after my father introduced me to a local chap who was into affiliate marketing.

I’ll never forget the meeting I had with him when he explained to me about how you can make money on the internet without even having a product, just by selling stuff for other people! I was hooked.

That began a foray into marketing that I would say is not dissimilar from the journey most people trek when getting started on the internet. I realized that there were ALOT of different ways to make money online, some better than others but all peddled to be better and more profitable than all the rest!

I jumped around alot, tried many different things at once, and got little to NOwhere.

To cut a long story short, after a lot of hard work and more failures than I care to count, the pieces of the puzzle started to come together.

First Success

I managed to make a stack of cash in the old “gold rush” days of quick Adsense money and easy search rankings, only to see it fall apart one day, almost overnight.

First Real Success :)

After that I began concentrating on only the most sustainable strategies for using blogs to create affiliate income. Fortunately, I came across a little method that was wildly successful at getting fast search engine rankings and earning good commissions with small amounts of traffic.

One of my most famous sites was one page, and earned $300 a month from only 5 unique visitors a day!


book-2After building a great affiliate income I became passionate about showing other people how to do the same.

I wrote the reports Article Speed Writing to teach people how to create content for their websites quickly…

And the still popular and ever controversially titled Niche Marketing On Crack report, (recently updated to the extremely comprehensive Affiliate Blog Profit Report to the right) – that outlined the system I’d used to achieve success online up until that point.

My focuses in practice and in teaching have been, and continue to be:

Profitable niche market research

Simple but effective SEO

Efficient content generation

And high conversion affiliate marketing.

These reports were well received and as a result, my life was to be changed forever.


In the year that followed I took the “internet lifestyle” to the extreme.

I took 9 vacations over the period of 12 months, and while still working hard, enjoyed what the internet had allowed me to enjoy to the fullest.

From conferences in Singapore, to dinners in Tokyo, to Beverly Hills in California, to snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, to chilling on private islands in the Philippines – and as a 20 year old kid? It was a roller coaster of fun and excitement, and a period of my life I’ll be eternally grateful for.


After that year I’ve settled down somewhat and begun focusing on really creating a strong and sustainable business that will continue to grow, and in doing so serve others for many years to come.

In July 2008 we launched Firepow Blogging Software. A tool that had been in development for almost 12 months.

Today it’s my main focus, and along with a dedicated team, we’re trying to make a service that will be the ultimate resource for aspiring niche and blog marketers.

Firepow employs 14 people now in 6 countries, all working remotely – something I didn’t even know was possible just a few years ago.


My fiance and I are living out a plan to live in a different country every year while we can.

We started out leaving the Gold Coast AU in 2009 and spent a year in Canada, (split between Montreal and Toronto), then did 2010 in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) and are now living in London, England!



If you’re looking to learn more about profitable blogging, mini site creation, niche research, traffic generation and more – this blog is the place to be.

Keep in touch with all the new information I share by entering your email in the sign up form in the top right corner of this page.


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  1. Hi Andrew,

    I saw your photo at Beach Bar Sentosa Island SG.

    Cool… I am a Singaporean. How do you find my country? :-)

    I attended the WIS in Singapore too. At that time, I still don’t know who you are. I hope to meet you in real person if there is a chance!

  2. Hey Alex,

    I LOVE Singapore – kinda like my home here except cleaner, newer, cooler, and nicer people! hehe great shopping too!

    I wonder if the Singapore WIS is on this year too? Hope we can meet someday too.

    Oh and yeah the checks are from a mix of niche marketing stuff and a couple things I sent out to you guys :)

    Take care,

  3. Hey Andrew, I just want to say that I am a big fan of your work. I am new to the whole internet marketing game, but I have taken in a lot of information in the last few months (mostly BS), and I trust you as a recommended source. I bought your Plug and Play Niche Marketing System about 6 weeks ago (and I highly recommend it), and I was wondering if you could give me a quick evaluation of my site. Nothing fancy, but I just want to know if you think it is going in the right direction, based on your own personal experience. I hate to ask this in a comment, but I didn’t see where else I can contact you.



  4. Wow – you are doing all of the stuff I want to do! That sounded terribly stalkerish… lol. Congrats on getting to do all of those amazing things, meet the fantastic people and see incredible sites!!! You deserve it – your products are all great – keep making great stuff and I’ll be happy to help finance any trip you want to take :-)


  5. Hi Andrew,

    Another Singaporean here. I am kinda new to this internet marketing. When I saw all the WIS meetings and sharing pics (from other big shot marketers’ web as well), I regret I got in touched with IM only at this time.

    Wonder when will Singapore hold another WIS…


  6. Hi Andrew,
    Great to meet you! I came upon your FirePow site and wanted to get to know more about you!
    FirePow seems the real deal. I’ll be jumping in shortly!
    If you have suggestions for conferences to attend related to blogging or specific niche building conferences, I would appreciate it.

    Jerry Maurer

  7. Hi Andrew, I thought you were moving to Montreal, but hey – Canada’s got so much space you’ll fit in anywhere!!
    Thanks for the rapid action on my Firepow Billing Hiccup – nice to know you aren’t out Snowboarding ALL the time!
    When I lived in St Bruno near Montreal for a couple of years it was just great being able to put the skis on at my front door and be off up into the ready-made ski trails in the hills. I sometimes made it back in one piece – but I was 25 years younger then!!!
    Look forward to getting stuck into my Firepow, just trying to find the time as my Day Job is still running my life…….. hope to change that this year!!
    John O’York, UK

  8. You’re in Canada now? Big move. I hope it all works well for you.

  9. G’day mate!

    Really love your blog’s content!

    Do drop me an email if you’re in Singapore some time.

    Would love to catch up!


  10. Stacey Prieur said on

    Great site Andrew!

  11. Sounds like a dream come true. I think your story does also illustrate that there aren’t any short cuts to getting an income via the Internet. Like everything in life success is dependent on hard work and keeping at it over a long period of time. Well done.

    The only odd thing is moving to Canada. I’m from the UK and (after a spell in New Zealand and Costa Rica) now happily ensconced in Noosa, Queensland. That photo of you in the snow sends a shiver up my spine:) Check out my site anytime if you’re feeling homesick – there are plenty of stories about our adventures in Australia.

    Keep up the great writing.

  12. Hey Andrew, great site, and I just read your report about making money from blog sites. I had one question. What happens when the product that your site is about becomes old and people are no longer looking for that particular model? Or perhaps that is what the fresh content is alwyas about, when a new model does come out you can add it to your site on Dyson Vaccum cleaners? Become a sort of mini authority on them?
    cheers and great work!

  13. Andrew,
    Very impressive story about your success. With lot’s of help, I also hope to climb aboard real soon, but I am a patient woman, and know that with the help of God I, too, will discover the benefits and blessings of making money online.
    However, Andrew, just keep up the good work, and I know that I am happy to be an affiliate for such a great product as Plug and Play & Fire Pow –getting ready to promote firepow on my site.

  14. I love the opportunities that internet marketing offers as far as creating the life and income that you want. Thank you for sharing your story – it’s always inspiring to read what others (especially those who are successful) are doing online :-)

  15. Hey Andrew,

    You ought to gimme your facebook, I’ve been reading your reports and ebooks from 7 years back when I first got started. You’re the one who taught it all. Even now, your 1K visitors report helped me try a few more things of my own.

  16. That’s a good idea Andrew, living in a different country every year. You must get a real feel for world culture, as opposed to the artificial tourist snapshot you get on holidays. I wonder how many countries you will visit before finally settling down in one?

    The Science Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke travelled the world until he found Sri Lanka, which he thought was paradise. He lived out the rest of his life there – If you’ve found paradise, why move?

    Good luck with your journey.


    • Wow, thanks for sharing! I must pick up one of his books. Is there one in particular that you recommend?

      • Not seeing a reply to your inquiry, I thought I’d chime in with a recommendation. Andrew. If you haven’t already picked up one of Clarke’s books, I recommend “Childhood’s End”.

        And if you enjoy “Childhood’s End” you might enjoy the “hidden gem” of “The Black Cloud” by Sir Fred Hoyle. Even though a work of fiction, at the beginning of the book there is a wonderful and accurate description of what life was like “back in the old days” for astronomers who were fortunate enough to find themselves on Mt. Palomar. Sir Hoyle was definitely qualified in that regard. ;-)

        BTW, in regards to John’s post, I’m still searching for “paradise”, living what I call a life of skeptical arrivals and thankful departures. London sounds awfully nice about this time of year, after “the wedding” that is. ;-)

        • So weird that you reply right now. I’m just reading Clarke’s “The light of other days” and really enjoying it! Will do Childhood’s End next!

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