Changing My Keyword Research Tool… To SECockpit

Rankings Institute members will know that Alex and my keyword research tool of choice is (was) Keyword Canine. But after a long (and admittedly fruitful for the most part) relationship, I’m changing what I use, and what I recommend you use too.


Making SEO Work (And Selling A Tonne) As An Affiliate In 2015

Affiliate marketing with content “mini sites” looks very different today than it did 5 years ago… even 2 years ago. Understanding what’s changed and how affiliates are positioned to add value today is the difference between building an empire and wishing you could. 


3 Affiliate Niches I’d Enter 7/15

Still looking for that perfect market to enter? Here are 3 that anyone could grow into a full time income with a content site and affiliate marketing.


3 Bits Of WMT Data That Can Get You More Traffic Quickly

In this quick video I talk about why you need to be looking at your Webmaster tools data from the moment your site is indexed, and give you 3 specific improvements you might make, according to individual patterns you see in your own results.

Cassette tape

Profitable Niche Alert: Vintage Electronics

Yet another of those subjects that, if you don’t have any interest in it, you’d have no idea how many other people do. Yes, vintage electronics of all kinds are being searched for and bought from various platforms, at sometimes staggering prices; And not just by 20 year old hipsters. Check out some of what […]