Using Google Trends To Find Low Competition Niches You Never Knew Existed

I came upon this technique by accident while using Trends for something totally different. Below is the step by step instruction for using Google Trends to find products in a certain market that are newly popular but with significant volume, making them ripe for promotion as an affiliate. Here goes…


On Private Blog Networks In 2015 & Beyond

Last month I attended a small, not incredibly popular SEO conference in Vegas. It’s not one of “the big ones” because a number of the speakers were “black hats”, hackers, and other oft considered “unsavory” folk. One of the talks that stuck with me was a guy who talked about his strategies for buying expired domains […]


Best Practice For Growing Affiliate Site Incomes In 2015/16

There’s one major thing that’s changed for content site marketers/affiliate marketers in the last 2 years, and people who understand it will make more money next year and the year after. It involves what you do to keep your affiliate site income growing. It used to be that you made a site, and you built up it’s […]