The Ultimate Product Review

How To Write A Product Review That Ranks And Converts

Consider this the definitive guide. Fortunately, how to do product reviews well is a relatively “static” skill. Different to so many things in digital marketing, it’s going to be the same next year as it is the year after that. Here’s how to get it done so you can see the review popping up in […]

Aidan Booth

[Interview] Niche Selection Lessons From A 6 Figure E-commerce Niche Marketer

I recently got on skype with a new friend and owner of multiple highly successful online businesses, by the name of Aidan Booth. Having started as an affiliate marketer and more recently built a new business selling physical products on Amazon, I wanted to interview him on the subject of niche research and product selection. I […]

5 Affiliate Niches I’d Enter Right Now

You told me you loved this last time so I thought I’d do another one… with a twist. These are 5 niches I’d enter right now, all found within 60 minutes, using the Super Affiliate Machine software I’ve been talking about. I wanted to show the raw version of me finding them, so you can […]