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Google’s recent Hummingbird update is marginally more interesting than the usual animal named improvements to come out of the all powerful search engine. And interesting in a good way; Interesting because it offers an easy opportunity for content marketers like us to pick up new free visitors and sell them our highly targeted affiliate offers.

Here’s what I mean..

Quick Overview On Hummingbird Update

Instead of being focused on lowering the value that low quality links can contribute to a site’s ranking, Hummingbird is aimed at presenting more relevant results for any given query, by looking (slightly) differently at what anyone who searches anything is really looking for.

That was confusing, so let me offer an example. Read More


It might not seem like it, but this post is what affiliate marketing – and online business generally – is all about.

You might remember an email I sent you earlier this year, where I asked the question: “Would you rather work 10 hours a week, for $100k a year, or 10 hours a day for $1 million a year?”. Almost all of you said you’d chose the 10 hour week.

If you chose that option, and you’re walking that path, sooner or later you’re going to have to answer the question: “What will you spend your time on?” or phrased differently, “What’s really important to you?” Read More

I actually “accidentally” found a way to boost clickthrough rates and affiliate sales on any piece of content you have, particularly content that promotes a product directly. Read More

These are things from my own research or from my own site’s data. These are 5 things that are making sites rank (or STILL making sites rank) right now… as of today… all Google madness considered. This is how affiliates can still make money from free traffic today. Read More

Here are three new resources I’ve been using… 2 plugins and one website that will help you rank higher post Penguin, and convert more of your visitors to buyers. Read More

So, in case anyone wasn’t clear about it… this is it.

For your average blogger/small business owner, THIS is what a natural link profile looks like. This is the link profile of someone who’s done everything Google ever asks people do to: Focus on great content and “user experience”.

Not only that, but this is a link profile that is solid and that is what Google states they want, right now in this month of 2012.

Ready for it? Read More

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