The Worst Thing Tony Robbins Taught Me

Some of you know of my obsession with personal development culture, and in particular Tony Robbins in my early life. I’ve long wanted to write about some of my experiences in hardcore personal development, and how I’ve come to see it all as questionably helpful and at times even harmful. This post is a first […]


The Most Important (& Least Understood) Ranking Factor For 2016-17

In my last post I talked about the importance of Trust as a ranking factor, and how having Trust, more than having great links or great content seems to be driving rankings in 2016. I don’t think Trust is very well understood outside of pretty advanced SEO circles. Even I didn’t fully understand it on […]

I didn't use a pen for my keyword research but this image LOOKS COOL!

5 Trends I Saw Analyzing 100 Niche Markets In 2 Weeks

Helping our Constant Profits Club students, I’ve looked at keyword research data containing 20 ranking factors per term, on at least 100 niche markets in the last two weeks. Here are the ranking patterns I’ve seen consistently, and what they mean for you trying to get search engine traffic in 2016.


My New Coaching Program: A Peak Behind The Curtain

So it’s been in the works for about 6 months, and now it’s only a few weeks away. I wanted to give my regular readers a bit of the inside info as to what this thing is really going to be about, and in the process, have a discussion about what really works with affiliate […]