[Video] Finding Profitable Question Keywords In Your Market

We’ve talked in depth lately about expanding your content and specifically, using questions your customers ask to do that. Finding the questions that your customers are asking is the first step in that process. And while there are a handful of tools now available for helping you find those questions, in this video I demonstrate […]


3 Affiliate Niches I’d Enter – 8/15

It’s that time again folks. This month’s installment of “3 Affiliate Niches I’d Enter” is here, and I’m excited because it’s the first one I’m doing with shiny new SECockpit. (review here in case you missed it!) 1. Smart Drugs Really, if I’d been “smarter” – or had more resources… or had a crystal ball […]


How To Near Double Your Search Traffic This Month (With No New Backlinks)

This is what smart search engine marketers are doing right now to improve traffic from Google in a surprisingly simple way. This is tied very closely to the post I wrote on how to win as an affiliate marketer this year. It’s something I’m personally doing a lot on my own sites at the moment […]


Changing My Keyword Research Tool… To SECockpit

Rankings Institute members will know that Alex and my keyword research tool of choice is (was) Keyword Canine. But after a long (and admittedly fruitful for the most part) relationship, I’m changing what I use, and what I recommend you use too.


Making SEO Work (And Selling A Tonne) As An Affiliate In 2015

Affiliate marketing with content “mini sites” looks very different today than it did 5 years ago… even 2 years ago. Understanding what’s changed and how affiliates are positioned to add value today is the difference between building an empire and wishing you could.